Oct 13

How to Create Great Content without Exploding Your Team

A Webinar with Hugh Taylor

Content can help you generate leads and build market awareness, but it can be a challenge to develop content that represents your team’s complete go-to-market vision.  Content creation amplifies team disagreements over message and value proposition.   It does not need to be this way, however. In this webinar, Hugh Taylor will present his approach to resolving the inevitable team conflicts that arise in content development.  Based on his experience writing content for large technology companies, Taylor will highlight a number of proven best practices for bringing a team together to create effective content, including:

-          The message framework process.

-          The role of the subject matter expert (SME).

-          The importance of planning for reviews and approval authority.

-          The need to seek and destroy toxic internal conflicts e.g. engineers vs. marketers.

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About the Presenter

Hugh Taylor has written marketing content for such clients as Microsoft, IBM, HP, SAP, Google and Advanced Micro Devices.   Prior to launching his freelance writing practice, Taylor served as Social Software Evangelist for IBM Software Group, Public Relations Manager for Microsoft’s SharePoint Technologies and VP of Marketing at several venture-backed startups.  He is the author of B2B Technology Marketing as well as other books on the role of technology in business.