May 08

Going Beyond the Drip Campaign

Using content in closed-loop marketing sounds like a great idea. However, arranging for your prospects to see the right content at the right time can present something of a challenge. For many of us, the trouble starts after we’ve accomplished the first step of lead generation. We create an interesting piece of content, such as a white paper, dangle it in front of the prospect like a baited fish hook and smile with satisfaction when the prospect fills out a registration form.

So far, so good, but what happens next? For a lot of us, the lead generation process ends at this point. We’ve gotten a lead. We throw it to sales and go on to the next campaign. It’s okay. I’ve done it more than once in my career as a B2B technology marketing executive. We can do better, of course. We set up a drip process in a marketing automation system, such as Marketo or Eloqua, that sends the prospect a fresh piece of content periodically until they become qualified. The drip is an effective way of engaging with a prospect up to a point, but it’s not optimal. We can do better.

In The Content Funnel, I explore how we can take drip campaigning to the next level.