Monthly Archive: July 2011

Jul 31

Understand the Industry and Market

Understanding the market you are in may seem so obvious that it doesn’t bear discussion in a blook about marketing.  However, in technology marketing, especially in the enterprise segment, the industry is so continually in flux that it can be nearly impossible to pin down your category.    This is particularly true for newer technologies.   The technology landscape …

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Jul 25

Levers of Preference

As we’ve said, everything drives preference. Preference is inherent in the product itself, and all marketing is oriented toward building preference over all competitors.  For example, every piece of marketing copy needs to play on the reader’s desire to accumulate the “four currencies.”  This can be a stealth mission, with subtle and indirect gestures pushing …

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Jul 21

Mapping the Mind of the Customer

When we talk about building preference, we are really talking about shifting the prospect’s inner mindset about our product. We have to become mind readers, and then mind changers, in this process. This may seem like a tall order.  How can we know what’s on the prospect’s mind?  (As Eddie Murphy did so well in …

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Jul 13

Create Preference


It may sound silly to single out creating preference as a specific area of technology marketing.  All marketing is about creating preference. Everything you do is meant to drive preference of your product over others.  Yet, it helps to be aware of the mandate to create preference as you go about your marketing work.  Preference …

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