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Aug 06

Blogging Best Practice: Use Blog Themes for Consistent Messaging and SEO

Have an idea for a blog post? Cool! Now, give me another 10. That’s not so easy, is it? Coming up with good blog topics can be a big challenge. If you’ve committed yourself to writing regular posts, the pressure to think up compelling subjects may get stressful. Not to worry, though. Using blog themes …

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Mar 27

Win Business by Skipping the Customer Journey

Discussions of the customer journey make me think of a journey my late father once took. He was 20. It was January, 1945 and his B-17 bomber had been shot down over Austria. He was taken captive and placed in solitary confinement, sitting alone in a concrete cell with nothing to do. After two weeks, …

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Oct 13

How to Create Great Content without Exploding Your Team

A Webinar with Hugh Taylor Content can help you generate leads and build market awareness, but it can be a challenge to develop content that represents your team’s complete go-to-market vision.  Content creation amplifies team disagreements over message and value proposition.   It does not need to be this way, however. In this webinar, Hugh Taylor …

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Aug 26

Humanizing the Buyer’s Journey

As featured in   Humanizing the Buyer’s Journey August 26th, 2014 by Hugh Taylor – President, Taylor Communications Using content to attract sales leads requires a deep dive into the human psyche. It wasn’t always this way, but as concepts such as the buyer’s journey and gated content become the norm, competition for attention …

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Jul 17

The Art of the Technology Marketing Case Study

Originally published in The Art of the Technology Marketing Case Study July 17th, 2014 by Hugh Taylor – President, Taylor Communications Case Study image via Shutterstock Case studies can be a pain. But they are essential for marketing technology products to business customers and should be essential to your overall content marketing strategy. Yet, …

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May 08

Going Beyond the Drip Campaign

Using content in closed-loop marketing sounds like a great idea. However, arranging for your prospects to see the right content at the right time can present something of a challenge. For many of us, the trouble starts after we’ve accomplished the first step of lead generation. We create an interesting piece of content, such as …

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May 08

Hugh Taylor interviewed about entrepreneurship on WHCR FM – 4/27/14

Feb 20

Hugh Taylor interviewed by Kevin Price on Business Talk 1110 KTEK

I was interviewd by Kevin Price on his “Price of Business” radio show on February 10th. The topic was business plan writing.

Jul 14

The Winning White Paper: Five Questions to Ask Before You Start

The Winning White Paper: Five Questions to Ask Before You Start I’ve been writing white papers for B2B technology marketers for many years. It’s a variegated format, one that serves different purposes in the marketing process. That variety is both a strength and a weakness for marketers, however. It’s versatile, which is great. At the …

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Jul 23

Implementing the Strategy Part I – the Marketing Organization


The blook up to now has covered areas of marketing that I think you need to do to be effective.  At this point, I want to pivot onto an equally, or perhaps even more important topic, which is how you actually implement the marketing work.  It’s one thing to have your messages, materials and lead …

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